Our Mission

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Published on Saturday, 20 April 2013 12:39
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The Mission of Ggwanga Mujje Boston Chapter, Inc. shall be to encourage, help and inspire its members to sustain, promote and develop the Heritage of Obuganda.


Ggwanga Mujje shall pursue its objectives as a 501 c3 non-profit organization.
 The following will be the goals and objectives of the Organization:
To promote the culture, traditions  and values of the Baganda;
To promote the well being of its members and the community we reside in;
To stimulate and encourage acquaintance and fellowship amongst members and to address needs distinct to members of the Association and our community;
To develop, through the exchange of information, research and discussion, a better understanding of problems facing our community;
To encourage business and social relationships and interaction;
To promote unity, friendship and assimilation of our members into the greater American community we reside in;
To promote and foster social, cultural, economic and philanthropic activities and work in conjunction with other organizations that share the same objectives and values as Ggwanga Mujje Bost