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The Mission

ggwanga mujje boston


http://mobilevanclinic.org/    Our mission is to mobilize sufficient funds to enable Kabaka's Foundation (a duly registered NGO in Uganda) purchase a mobile van clinic to help improve the delivery of health services to the Kabaka's subjects. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help us realize that goal by making a contribution on this site.

Many people in Buganda die needlessly from curable and preventable diseases because of poor access to health services. The Kingdom of Buganda has determined that mobile clinics are a convenient way of delivering much needed health services to rural areas where most of the Kabaka's subjects reside. One of the resolutions of the 7th Annual International Ttabamiruka'12 Conference held in Boston, was to help the Kingdom achieve this goal.

Ggwangamujje Boston, a 501(c) registered non-profit organization, in cooperation with the Kabaka's Foundation are the main principals executing this project. Special care has been put into creating a firewall between the funds raised by this project and those of Gwangamujje Boston. This initiative has its own separate Treasurer who ensures that there is no co-mingling of the two fund streams.

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $120,000 by the end of October 2014. Our main target audience are the Kabaka's subjects in the diaspora. Given your help, we have no doubt that we will achieve our goal.